Chapman University law professor John East stands left as former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani speaks during a rally in support of President Donald Trump called the Save America Rally in Washington on January 6, 2021. man. Eighteen defendants were indicted along with President Trump. This month’s racketeering indictment in Fulton County includes more than a half-dozen attorneys, and Eastman and Giuliani’s statements are an early hint at at least one of the defenses they may be trying to raise. It becomes. He worked on Trump’s behalf to undo the election results. (AP Photo/Jacqueline Martin, File)

We are seeking a Visiting Scholar in Conservative Thought and Policy at the University of Colorado!

do you want a job? Please apply here.

If the new selection is incorrect, this should probably be the last time. Sure, for the most part they were good and decent people, but have you ever heard of his first ten? Trick question.

You’ve probably heard about the ninth person to hold the job. Because he was the second man to play a leading role in potentially ruining the United States of America, the greatest self-government experiment in human history.

That should be your first question in the interview. Would you be willing to overthrow the U.S. government to prevent the second peaceful transition of power in history? Is that too tough an interview question? What do you think: Do you believe in pluralism or is violence sometimes necessary to achieve political goals?

I’ll let you decide on these and many other questions: whether this position is an asset or a liability to the University of Colorado, taxpayers and Coloradans, higher education, the Rocky Mountain West, and America.

How about a quick interview question: Would you say John Eastman, the ninth visiting scholar in conservative thought and policy, represents the University of Colorado, the state of Colorado, and the longest lasting constitutional republic in the history of the world? or not? Please elaborate on your answer.

Enough about him. I don’t know the guy, just judging from his notes and speeches. Look at his first memo and his second memo and his speech on January 6th. But only do so after reading the U.S. Constitution, especially the Second Article and the Tenth and Fourteenth Amendments.

Then decide whether to apply. Pays $185,000 but requires a Ph.D. I’m thinking of applying (just kidding). If you apply, make sure you’re not the 11th and last one. Colorado and America need you to succeed.

Here’s what we should insist on:

Conservatives believe in people. The world needs it now, more than ever, from a shining lighthouse on a hill to show the world that freedom works better than nanny states and that capitalism is the key to a healthy economy.

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